Special projects

Francemontgolfières can oversee all your ballooning requirements – from small scale film work to big scale marketing projects. The team’s international experience stretches from France to Australia.  

TV Photography Film

Balloons can also serve as aerial platforms whether for film work or as a tethered balloon attraction.  We have extensive knowledge of both film & TV work e.g. the design and creation a special balloon, a replica of the Montgolfiere brothers balloon for the Merchant Ivory film Jefferson in Paris.

One off small film projects and photography work are also our speciality.  Please call us on: 03 86 81 6307 to discuss your requirements. 

Replica of Montgolfieres brothers first balloon in 1783 made for the Merchant Ivory film



Hot Air Balloons have proven to be an extremely effective marketing tool as well as being media friendly e.g. outdoor promotions, trade shows etc. Due to our combined ballooning knowledge and experience we are able to design, oversee and manage specialised hot air balloons for your requirements.

Etude graphique de la montgolfière Pays de l'Auxois
 Ballon du Pays de l'Auxois au dessus de la foule

Most people only fly in a hot air balloon once but the impression lasts a life time. Flying your clients or staff from an out door event infront of a crowd or indeed infront of TV cameras will establish your brand or message onto your target audience and further afield. Whether it is sports event or a trade show we can arrange a corporate balloon – from conception and design to managing the end product – to suit any event.

Please contact Mark Dworski to discuss further
email: reservations@francemontgolfieres.com
+ 33 3 80 97 38 61

We are always are keen to work on intersting projects and meet other ballooning professionals. Download:

Un indien à Vermenton

Indian Tycoon sets hot air balloon record