Reserve your flight

Our flight season :
- From the first week in April to the last week of October

> If you already have your balloon flight ticket

- You may reserve your flight directly via this page.
- Please enter the ticket number (found on the top right hand side of the ticket per ex : 52350/001) and the password (found on the bottom left hand side per ex : SFRJ) for one ticket and validate.
- Then add your other tickets one by one as necessary.

> The online booking isn't available for all tickets

If you don't manage to book, contact us at USA 1-347-809-5371 , UK +(44) 20 7097 5781
France 00 (33) 3 80 97 38 61

> If you don't have a ticket yet

Please purchase a ticket and you will receive your ticket number and password via email.

Ticket number